Recover x Intradeco partnership

Sustainable Apperal


Stephen Maluck


Alan Imber, caleb Mcconnon

Director of Photography

Timothy Hill

Film Location

El Salvador
Intradeco and Recover
manufacturing facilities


Corinne Littlefield

Camera Operator

Alan Imber, Maria Alejandra

Days on Set


Team Size



Recover brand was started in 2009 by Bill Johnston and John Riddle as a mission-driven sustainable apparel company to reduce plastic pollution. Focused on environmentally-friendly and socially responsible practices in all aspects of the business. Intradeco is a 38-year-old global vertical-manufacturing company committed to sustainability. Embraces social responsibility through a commitment to the community. Intradeco and Recover teamed up with Littlefield to promote their goal of “putting themselves out of business” and their partnership.

Behind the Scenes

Recover x Intradeco Partnership

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Recover Intradeco
Recover Intradeco

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