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Duncan Littlefield.

Strategy | Advising | Board Member

As a former professional golfer, I spent years trying to maintain a certain image. But the reality was far from glamorous. Despite my success on the course, I didn’t know Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson. My car had over 180,000 miles on it, and I often survived on PB&J sandwiches. I was gambling for a living. But those years taught me valuable lessons about the importance of effort and long-term sweat equity in achieving success in golf and business. 

I am an individual on the spectrum. Despite my late diagnosis and its challenges, it has given me a unique perspective and allowed me to connect with people authentically. I’m not afraid to share my story, even when it doesn’t fit the expected image. I focus on helping companies earn trust and generate revenue by connecting with their audiences through strategic storytelling.

If you want to chat over a cup of coffee about videography, marketing, executive growth, or just life in general, I’m always up for it. And don’t get me wrong – I loved every second of my time as a pro golfer, even the painful parts. But now, my passion lies in the art of storytelling, and I can’t wait to create something amazing with you.

Attention focused

As we partner with companies or develop new ones, our responsibility is to pour sweat equity into that brand to support the long-term vision of the company. As we run the brand through our engine, create the necessary content to drive the brand, and subsequently help the organization’s culture, we will build an institution that can’t be overlooked.


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Our Process

Our internal process might include more industry jargon but the path our work follows is the same. It’s these simple steps that allow us to fully discover your brand and create beautiful work efficiently.

Number 1


Let’s connect. We’d love to talk about your brand successes and challenges over a cup of your favorite beverage. This is where we get to know your brand on a personal level. Every detail matters in delivering the best, most effective product.
Step 2

Planning and Development

We take everything we’ve learned, outline specific needs, and craft a strong plan that best tells the best story with a strong foundation of content strategy.
Number Three


Now that we’ve done the real work: we show up, and run for the finish line! 

Number four

Support & Stewardship

This is where the payoff is – deploying attention out into the world & earning trust that elevates your brand to the next level.


Let’s Tell Your Story to yield raving fans. We know that your company is one-of-a-kind and the world needs to know why. We focus on the details that make you stand out when you stand up so we can turn your investment into revenue.