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Most agencies CLAIM they care about the creative. We call bulls#!t.

We are the actual creative and media agency. Yeah, we said it. We’re a global video production, creative engine and media company that doesn’t want to be labeled as another “agency.” With a passionate team focused on our partner’s goals and business outcomes, we align your brand’s story to make an impact via videos, photos, graphics, strategy, design and more.
We know stories are personal, emotional and connection-driven. Why would we cut the people out of it? The Littlefield Company puts people at the forefront of everything we do as we understand the connection from people’s emotions to buying power. The Littlefield Company was founded on telling your company’s story, and we know a company’s story is no longer driven by a tagline or a mass-produced message; it is personal, meaningful and built on trust.

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Attention focused

As we partner with companies or develop new ones, our responsibility is to pour sweat equity into that brand to support the long-term vision of the company. As we run the brand through our engine, create the necessary content to drive the brand, and subsequently help the organization’s culture, we will build an institution that can’t be overlooked.
Awareness is currency, either for your customer or a VC firm

Our Process

Our internal process might include more industry jargon but the path our work follows is the same. It’s these simple steps that allow us to fully discover your brand and create beautiful work efficiently.

Number 1


Let’s connect. We’d love to talk about your brand successes and challenges over a cup of your favorite beverage. This is where we get to know your brand on a personal level. Every detail matters in delivering the best, most effective product.
Step 2

Planning and Development

We take everything we’ve learned, outline specific needs, and craft a strong plan that best tells the best story with a strong foundation of content strategy.
Number Three


Now that we’ve done the real work: we show up, capture the moment efficiently and have some fun along the way
Number four


For us, this is the easy part. Now that we’re a part of your brand, developed a killer concept, and have spent some time on set… the story falls right into place. Whether we’re delivering a single photo or a series of videos—we’re ready.
step 5

Support & Stewardship

This is where the payoff is–deploying attention-grabbing content out into the world and letting it elevate your brand to the next level. We can help with social and deployment strategies to help you make the most of your content.


Let’s Tell Your Story to yield raving fans. We know that your story and is one-of-a-kind, so your videos need to match that. We focus on the details that make you stand out when you stand up so we can turn your investment into revenue.