Safety PLD



Bradley Mason


Caleb McCannon

Director of Photography

Kevin Ketchie

Film Location

- Lowe’s Store #2750
- Lowe’s Store #0489


Jessica Mallicote, Miller Yoho


Duncan Littlefield

Days on Set


Team Size



This product has been developed specifically for Lowe’s associates to promote safety and prevent injury. Lowe’s Safety Team is responsible for working with LCO to develop style/content of the project; Ballymore is footing the bill. Lowe’s is trying to adopt the in ALL stores company-wide to assist employees with lifting heavy items. (Back injuries are the most common injuries suffered by Lowe’s employees). The video promoting the use of the portable lift would be launched to all Lowe’s employees (330,000+) and then will live on the Safety page. Purpose of the video is educational–to promote awareness and adoption of the PLD and its features, as well as highlight Ballymore’s partnership with Lowe’s to achieve Lowe’s Safety Standards


Lowe's Safety Team's goal is to produce a video (under 2 minutes) for 330,000+ store employees that highlights the features of the Ballymore Portable Hydraulic Lift and teaches associates how to use it to make their lives easier.


The purpose of the project is to provide a hype video promoting the Ballymore Portable Loading Dock (PLD).

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