Queens Quest for d1

Queens University


Tim Hill

Director of Photography

Kevin Ketchie

Film Location

Queens University Athletics Facility


Corinne Littlefield, Stephen Maluck

Days on Set


Team Size



Queens University of Charlotte is undertaking a bold endeavor to transform itself into a nationally-recognized, private university synonymous with the city of Charlotte. As a dynamic hub of talent development, civic and cultural dialogue, innovative thinking, and transformative opportunities, Queens can — and should — be a world-class university in a world-class city, sharing in the prominence while also helping solve the challenges of an ever-growing metropolitan area.


- Queen's University is currently a NCAA D2 school that is beginning the process of reclassifying to be a D1 school.
- Raise the capital and enthusiasm from the community, alumni and donors


Create a series or a campaign of videos to arguably raise money. I’m treating this in my head as if we were going out to raise capital for a startup, looking to attract a VC firm to come and invest.


Create a videos that will be used for fundraising and marketing purposes. In essence, it’s saying “We are ready to take on Division 1 and this is how we’re going to do it”

Behind the scenes

the Impact

We have done some great projects with Queens before. “Belong” was the very first one that had a huge recognition. “Fan Revolution” was the second, again, huge success. While we were working on “Belong” and “Fan Revolution”, they actually welcomed a new president to the University. His name was Dan. The idea was we wanted to welcome Dan to the school, we wanted to introduce him through the athletic department, through their video and through their resources, to send it out to alumni and then have it be, ‘Hey, Donate to your old athletic department…’

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