Charlotte Sport Foundation

President's Cup 2022


Nicholas Willey

Film Location

Quail Hollow Club


Duncan Littlefield

Camera Crew

Tim Hill & Nicholas Willey

Days on Set


Team Size



The Presidents Cup is a series of men’s golf matches between a team representing the United States and an International Team representing the rest of the world minus Europe. Europe competes against the United States in a similar but considerably older event, the Ryder Cup. The Presidents Cup has been held biennially since 1994. The 2022 Presidents Cup was the 14th edition of the Presidents Cup golf competition, held at Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, North Carolina, from September 22–25, 2022. This was Quail Hollow’s first time hosting the Presidents Cup. The matches were originally scheduled for fall 2021. The USA won the competition and retained the cup. Take a look through the lens of The Littlefield Company Camera at these moments:

Fun Facts

The Presidents Cup has been held biennially since 1994. Initially it was held in even-numbered years, with the Ryder Cup being held in odd numbered years. However, the cancellation of the 2001 Ryder Cup due to the September 11 attacks pushed both tournaments back a year, and the Presidents Cup was then held in odd-numbered years. It reverted to even-number years following the postponement of the 2020 Ryder Cup due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is hosted alternately in the United States and in countries represented by the International Team.

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