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If you’re not watching Stranger Things, are you even a fan of prestige television?

In today’s episode, a FULL HOUSE of Littlefield Studios filmmakers (Tim, Kevin, Caleb, Alan) take a trip back to 1986 in Hawkins, Indiana to catch up with the latest season of Stranger Things.

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Everyone loves a good story, about as much as an afternoon coffee pick-me-up. Our inaugural podcast, Duncan To Go is just that! Duncan interviews remarkable people injecting energy, creativity, and business development into the world as they tell their stories and live their DNA.

Media Diet

In the age of streaming, the question we get asked most often is, “what is your media diet?” What kind of media have we been consuming each week? Well, this podcast serves up the answer, and our entire team gets the opportunity to recommend some of their favorite media of the week/month.

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Everyone loves a good story, about as much as an afternoon coffee pick-me-up

Recent Episodes

Love is Blind, Vampire Diaries, Breaking Bad, and Other Trash

We got some SPICY HOT takes in today’s episode of Media Diet. Alan and Corinne give us a breakdown of their latest “Trash TV” obsessions. They talk about Love is Blind, The Vampire Diaries, and we get Corinne’s truly bizarre opinion that Breaking Bad is not a good show!

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HARRY'S HOUSE First Reaction

In this week’s Media Diet podcast, our boys Caleb and Alan talk about new music from some of their favorite artists. We’re talkin’ LANY, we’re talkin’ Coin, we’re talkin’ Harry Styles, we’re talkin’ Rex Orange County, and many more.

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Corinne Littlefield

In our second episode of Duncan To Go, Dunc interviews the lovely and talented Corinne Littlefield. She’s the Business Manager for the LCO Charlotte office and she just happens to be Duncan’s baby sister.

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Duncan To Go

In our first episode of Duncan To Go, Dunc interviews Mike Reda, Filmmaker and Sr. Videographer for the Littlefield Co.

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Our Awesome Hosts

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Duncan to go


This show allows CEO Duncan Littlefield to interview remarkable people in various industries, and ask the hard-hitting questions like:
  1.  How do you take your coffee?
  2.  If you were a type of pizza, what pizza would you be?
  3.  What’s the worst and best advice you have ever received?
  4.  What has been the biggest pivot in your life?


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The littlefield Studio

The Littlefield Studios team talks about what’s in their media diet. Here, they get to interview each other to talk about topics like:
  1. The Matt Reeves-directed noir superhero film, “The Batman”
  2. Trash TV shows
  3. New music releases
  4. Hot takes on pop culture


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