Recover Brands & Intradeco

Austin Moses, Tim Hill, Stephen Maluck

Director of Photography:
Taylor Hawkins, Alan Imber

Duncan Littlefield, Aaron Dodge,
Corinne Littlefield

Film Locations:
The Littlefield Company Charlotte HQ, Sierra Nevada Brewery, Asheville NC, Asheville Mountains, Asheville NC, San Salvador, El Salvador

Days on Set: 6

Team Size: 5

Project Overview

The story of Recover Brands might be simple, they take eight plastic bottles to create each piece of sustainable clothing. But when it came to showcasing their products via paid social media campaigns we knew that every thread mattered as we focused on sharing the process, the comfort and the mission of this incredible Charlotte company.

The story expands as Recover Brands is doing their part to eliminate its carbon footprint. That mission takes us to El Salvador to partner with Intradeco. This state-of-the-art facility produces their recycled line within one building and operates on solar power. We were able to tell an additional 7 stories bringing awareness to the joint efforts between Recover Brands and Intradeco. 

Production Process

In no time we were able to transform our offices into a high-end studio that doubled as a creative laboratory as we developed over 15 pieces of content for paid social media campaigns.