Circle K // Here Comes The Sun

Director: Kevin Ketchie

Director of Photography: Alberto Innella

Producer: Miller Yoho

Film Locations: Circle K (Indian Trail)

Days on Set: 1

Team Size: 9


Project Overview

With the world reopening, Circle K wanted to celebrate the people and the times that have been missed. We know Circle K for their always convenient locations and of course, the hot dogs, but the memories that can be created while including Circle K in your journey are endless. 


Grab Polar Pop, grab some friends, and hit the road to your next adventure (big or small). This campaign was formed to be uplifting and bright. They are looking to raise awareness and create a sentimental bond with US consumers.

Circle K // America's Thirst Stop

Director: Bradley Mason

Director of Photography: Kevin Ketchie

Producer: Miller Yoho & Duncan Littlefield

Film Locations: Circle K (Indian Trail)

Days on Set: 2

Team Size: 6


Circle K // America's Thirst Stop

Project Overview

What do you need to refuel? Not your car but YOU? Circle K is the most convenient stop for a cup of coffee, a water or a Polar Pop (but don’t forget about the hot dogs) as you tackle your day. 

We followed seven people, with seven unique stories and seven different day jobs into Circle K to see how they took advantage of America’s thirst stop.