NECTAR - Bath Treats

Director: Mike Reda

Director of Photography: Tim Hill, 

Producer: Corinne Littlefield, Stephen Maluck

Photos: Maria Alejandra Cardona, Patrick McGrady, Steven Maluck, Alan Imber

Editor: Mike Reda


Film Locations: Charlotte, AirBnB house.

Las Vegas, Bathroom photos.

Days on Set: 2

Team Size: 7


Project Overview

Who doesn’t enjoy the delicious smell of your favorite treat? Nectar Bath Treats even has their soap shaped like your most loved baked goods. The concept of this project was to invoke memories from the scents of Nectar’s bath products. Each tasty-looking soap reminds us different experiences and the people we shared them with. Working with Nectar was a treat itself. We utilized our skills to bring their vision to life with a visually appealing commercial and product photography.


For this project, we shot two commercials, a handful of social media shorts and captured product photography. We loved bringing talent that embraces fun but also takes handwashing very seriously!