HMETE - NYC Lifestyle

Tim Hill

Director of Photography:
Alan Imber

Maria Alejandra Cardona

Film Locations:
New York City: Manhattan

Days on Set: 2

Team Size: 4

Project Overview

Partnership is a significant word. Our partnership with Hmete is not only thrilling and exciting but is one we deeply cherish as we push the norms on women’s workwear together.First up! A complete brand video to showcase a behind-the-scenes view of Hmete’s CEO Hikmete Morina. We went from design to production to action! Utilizing the backdrops of New York, Zurich, Porto and Charlotte we test and capture the clothing in action for how women would wear it.

Focusing on the larger video, we were able to walk the streets of the lower west side of New York City, to create 10 shorts and 250 photos, all within a day.These are pieces are designed for the working woman, who goes out after work, commutes, and is ready for any in-the-moment event. Within the videos and photos you’ll see what Hmete brand is about: timeless, sustainable, and empowering. Take a glance at the new pieces designed by women for women.

HMETE - The Brand


For this project we shot video over the course of 3 days, featuring 3 models, 4 crew members, and 3 different filming locations throughout the city of New York.

[See some BTS photos in the slideshow]