Delta Airlines // Brown Estate

Austin Moses

Director of Photography:
Derrick Bills

Duncan Littlefield

Film Locations: Napa Valley, CA

Days on Set: 2.5

Team Size: 4

Project Overview

When we were selected by Delta Airlines to tell the story of the Brown family and their winery, we were thrilled with the opportunity. As soon as we met this family and discovered the story of the only African American estate winery in Napa Valley, this became a passion product for the entire team. No longer were we creating content to pair with wine being served by Delta, we were given the ability to detail the generations of stories that are held in each glass of Brown Estate wines.


Our team of four headed to California with one story in mind, but what emerged was a completely different (and better) product due to our decision to pivot after meeting the personalities and witnessing the passion of the Brown family.

[See video for directors commentary]