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Duncan Littlefield

About Duncan

Growing through the ranks of the mini-tours is no different from rising through the ranks in life or business, valuing effort and long-term sweat equity and how it equates to success. Whether it is as a startup founder, scaling a business or advising startup growth, I am now not just driven to be efficient around the golf course but around the business world. Plus, I never turn down a cup of coffee!

The Littlefield Company

Video production company

Acquired by The Anything Group. Check out what our team is working on now as Anything Visual (above) and other ways we are supporting business see massive growth. 

YOur business is awesome

Your company is awesome

Never forget it! Join the growing community of fellow business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants and like minded growth-focused people, building the next AWESOME business.

Field of prints

Photos and Frames for every wall

Every small moment, memory of an adventure or aspirational journey deserves a wall to shine on. We hand-pick and curate the emotionally rich photos that are perfect for any gallery. Come explore!

Anything visual

Moving Media Division of The anything group

We’re a global moving-media agency, creative engine and video production company underneath The Anything Group banner that garners customer trust and creates ROI by telling kick-ass stories.